One of the principal techniques in Viam Chao is called amotio, which is latin for removal. If you can disarm a weapon, it is out of the picture, and cannot be used against you.


Removing a weapon not only eliminates its ability to do you harm, it takes away a source of comfort from your opponent. The real effectiveness of amotio is when you remove a weapon that's attached to your opponent's body. For example, by meeting their fist with your elbow, you can damage their weapon, which not only removes it, but inflicts a serious blow to the opponent's physical game plan as well as their psychology.

This doesn't just entail damaging the appendage and removing it from service for the duration of the encounter. It can also be removing an obstacle. An opponent who is covered up might feel protected. Simply move the obstacle to clear a path.

Finally, removal can also mean taking away a favored technique or move from an opponent. An example of this might be if the opponent's best strike is a devastating side kick, so you keep the distance tight to prevent them from gaining the space to execute their power move.


  • All appendages are targets
  • Destroy the striking surface so the opponent no longer wants to use it
  • Take away all their strikes and they can only defend

Importance Edit

It is beneficial to remove an opponent's ability to strike. Additionally, by damaging the appendages, you render other techniques ineffective as well. If their hands are broken, they also cannot grab you or wield a weapon such as a knife.

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