Another disruption strategy in Viam Chao is called casurus, which is latin for balance. In short, it simply means to keep an opponent off-balance. For best results, use casurus with proculco (an overwhelming deluge that doesn't let up).

Technicalities Edit

On the surface, this is an obvious strategy. Typically, this is done on a micro level; using individual techniques to disrupt an opponent's equilibrium. However, on a macro level, this involves frustrating an opponent by consistently forcing them off-balance, not to gain an opening, but to continually frustrate them for the purposes of unsettling their psychology. For example, a sweep may cause the opponent to stumble, and before he can recover another move is initiated to cause them to stumble again, and this continues indefinitely to disorient them.


  • Initiate the stumble
  • Follow up with another disorienting move
  • Keep this up to enhance the frustrating effect

Importance Edit

An opponent's balance is the key to their ability to deliver effective strikes and maneuver. Taking this away renders them useless. Not letting them regain their equilibrium is an effective means of frustrating them, and distracts them from their game plan. It can also cause them to become flustered, disrupting their sense of comfort.

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