Viam Chao is more than just a collection of techniques and drills. The most important parts are the concepts behind it, the "Way of Chaos." It is named so for its focus on creating confusion, doubt, and fear in the opponent's mind.

Key Concepts Edit

Technique Categories Edit

Viam Chao Specific Terminology Edit

  • Amotio - removal of a weapon, especially a body part or favored technique
  • Casurus - overthrowing the opponent's balance, not once, but continually
  • Illectatio - baiting or luring an opponent into a trap
  • Ludifico - a fake or feint
  • Nodus - tying an opponent in knots
  • Proculco - overwhelming, crushing an opponent
  • Remora - delay or interrupt an opponent's actions
  • Repetitio - repeatedly doing something to frustrate or demoralise
  • Testa - "shell" active defense
  • Vagorum - wandering strikes, speed, timing, distance, or direction

Training ConceptsEdit

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