A number of different training implements are used to teach and practice Viam Chao.

Training AttireEdit

Training attire is typically comfortable athletic clothing, to include shoes. Clothing should not be too loose, and jewelry (body piercings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings) should be removed. The use of a gi is also permissible. Other times, street clothing is worn to practice real-world scenarios. Students may also choose to wear the belt in accordance with their current rank. The belt may be worn with athletic clothing or with a gi.

Sparring EquipmentEdit

Sparring is done to practice techniques and concepts, to pressure test material, and to safely improve one's skills. To limit the likelihood of injury, protective equipment is worn.

Common Protective GearEdit


hand wraps

Optional GearEdit

Training EquipmentEdit


a boxer training with focus mitts

Various training gear is used to facilitate full-contact strikes and help students practice techniques, combinations, and concepts.

Common Striking Bags and EquipmentEdit


a muay thai heavy bag

Other EquipmentEdit

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