Another deception strategy in Viam Chao is called illectatio, which is latin for bait. In short, it simply means to lure or bait an opponent into a specific course of action.

Technicalities Edit

While this concept is common among all fighting styles, it is often used in tandem with one of the other core strategies as a setup.


  • Use illectatio when you're sure of the opponent's response
  • Combine it with other strategies
  • Overusage of this will have the opposite of the intended effect

Importance Edit

Forcing a specific response from an opponent is preferable to relying on your reaction skills alone. Illectatio is best used when you are confident that it won't backfire. If your opponent is slow, and you can be sure you are safe from harm, you can lure them by dropping your hands, for example. The object is not to do this haphazardly, as it can increase risk. Only when well-calculated does it actually reduce risk, which is the object.