The jab is the most fundamental of the fist strikes, and is adopted from boxing. The jab is done with the lead hand while in a standard fighting stance.

The object of the jab is to set up for a combination, to keep the opponent at a distance, or as a defensive measure to buy time for another strike or technique.


To execute a jab, the lead hand is quickly snapped out with the fist either horizontal or with a neutral hand position to the target, which is typically the face (nose, temple, jaw, chin, eyebrow), with a modest degree of force, and returned immediately to the starting position. There is no windup or telegraphing. Jabs are not done with the same follow-through as a cross or hook punch, and speed, timing, and accuracy are the focus over power.

The Boxing Jab with Jeff Mayweather

The Boxing Jab with Jeff Mayweather