One of the elements of Viam Chao is called nodus, which is latin for the knot. It is essentially any technique that "ties an opponent up" so they are substantially inhibited in the interaction. Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, and Dumog are all about this, it's called trapping. Other techniques involved are locks and holds, which are common in jujutsu, judo, aikido, etc.

In Praelium, this can result in a technical submission.


The purpose of nodus extends beyond the simple technique. The knot is effective for removing an obstruction and holding it out of the way to make a path for your own follow-up strikes or moves. But that's not the sole purpose, in Viam Chao. Use of nodus should be for the purpose of frustrating the opponent, unsettling them, making them feel powerless. As with anything else.


  • Wrap them up in a way that makes them panic (crucifix, spladle, trapping)
  • Do this in a series and make it obvious you are toying with them


It is an effective strategy to prevent the opponent from moving on you offensively, and gives you free reign to execute your own attack. This is good on the surface, but below the surface, you want to tie the opponent's mind into knots.

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