One of the most common strategies in Viam Chao is called proculco, which is latin for crush. The object is to overwhelm an opponent with aggression and a deluge of force, speed, power, or pacing.


It is said that a good offense is your best defense. If you can overwhelm an opponent with blows they won't be able to respond well with strikes of their own. Not only does this work logistically, it works psychologically. One can crush the opponent's morale with a barrage of attacks. It is so in war, it is so in single combat. In artillery, this is called fire for effect. When the artillery is gauged accurately for direction and distance, a fire for effect call unleashes a relentless pounding of artillery upon that location. Don't give the enemy room to breathe or recover, to regain their footing or bearings. Best of all, take away their confidence.

How this relates to creating chaos is simple: a sudden onslaught removes the ability to think clearly, there is no respite, there is confusion and stress. Think of a fire on a ship while a hoard or pirates boards, or a breaching of the walls of defense. A vicious ambush often breaks the morale and bearing of the recipients, and they can quite possibly scatter to the winds. The best response to an ambush is to fight through it. To press forward and take the fight to them.

Considerations Edit

Several considerations exist. Using proculco expends a good deal of energy, and if an opponent can survive the onslaught, there is a risk of not having much energy left to account for their counterattack. In many cases, though, weathering the storm is the opponent's only option.