There are several ranges of combat covered in the Viam Chao martial arts system. This is because physical conflict is often dynamic, and it is difficult to stay in any one range, so all ranges should be mastered. More than this, transitioning between ranges is also important to practice.

Striking RangeEdit

Striking range is composed of kicking range (long) and punching range (mid).

Long RangeEdit

The furthest distance one can be while maintaining the ability to strike is long range, or within kicking distance. Kicks here are used to either maintain this range to buy time, escape, or to transition to a closer range for follow-on attacks.

Mid RangeEdit

The mid range is where one is in range for closer kicks, punches, elbows, knee strikes, and headbutts. Time in this range is spent delivering appropriate strikes and locks. One can stay here or transition to a closer range or open up space to get into long range.

Grappling RangeEdit

The closest range is grappling range, which is comprised of the clinch (grappling range while standing) and ground fighting (grappling range on the ground).


The clinch is the closest range while standing. Here there are a number of strikes that can still be performed, as well as holds, chokes, sweeps, takedowns, and throws.


This range of grappling consists of anything done on the ground. Strikes and grappling is done here, and the goal is to either choke, submit, or return to standing.