Another key strategy in Viam Chao is called remora, which is latin for delay. It is yet another way to sow chaos in your opponent's mind. The goal is to interrupt their attack or momentum with a jam, stop-hit, or with "wandering timing."


This can be done in a number of ways. One main way is to execute a strike while the opponent is initiating one of their own. This is an interception. Another way is to disrupt or intercept by way of "stuffing" their attack at the root. Stuff the shoulder when they throw a punch. Stuff the hip when they throw a kick. Check a kick. Another way is to jam them by closing the distance to disrupt their timing and momentum.


  • Attack them first when they are about to strike
  • Attack them at the root, not at the limb
  • Close the distance by closing the range or checking their attack


In order for an opponent's attack to be successful they must be able to execute it to completion. By interfering with the attack, you take away its power. By beating them to the punch, you simply intercept the attack. By attacking the root, you disrupt their source of power, and by closing the distance, you reduce their momentum and velocity.

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