Weapons usage plays a modest role in Viam Chao. The focus isn't on mastery of any one weapon, but acquaintance with how each weapon can be used to survive an altercation. Familiarity and acclimation, along with practical concepts and techniques, is the focus. Weapons use is typically introduced in Blue Belt, and each belt has a different weapons focus. Where training in a particular weapon is impractical in a gym setting, students are encouraged to obtain specialized training from third parties (firearms training).


The knife is introduced in blue belt because it is a ubiquitous item.

Sticks and BatonsEdit

Batons or the escrima is introduced in red belt.


Handguns are the chosen weapons trained while in green belt. In locations where firearms might be illegal or highly regulated, instructors choose an alternative.

Walking CaneEdit

At the black belt level, practitioners choose their weapon of choice, and seek out knowledge on this weapon wherever they can find it. The recommended weapon is the walking cane, but it is optional.